KINGS | Mikra Leyisrael | מקרא לישראל

Introduction and Commentary

מאת:  Mordechai Cogan

This new Hebrew commentary on the Book of Kings renews the examination of this major source for the history of Monarchic Israel first undertaken by the author in his Kings’s commentaries in the Anchor Bible that are now two and three decades old. The recent proliferation of Deuteronomistic studies and the discovery of new extra-biblical texts required revisiting those earlier works, and his new reading of the text and conclusions are now presented in this fresh, up-to-date commentary.

Readers are brought into direct contact with the medieval Hebrew commentaries, exhibiting their rich, so often overlooked, contribution to understanding the Masoretic Text of Kings. Special emphasis is given to the linguistic features of Kings, e.g., unique Hebrew expressions are clarified by reference to cognate Akkadian. Scores of literary and historical matters are treated to in-depth analysis, aided by epigraphical and archaeological finds, and are set out in 29 appendixes. Over 50 maps and illustrations provide the reader with a visual picture of the world of Kings.

מקרא לישראל
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KINGS | מלכים
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Mordechai Cogan | מרדכי כוגן
Shmuel Ahituv | שמואל אחיטוב
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Introduction and Commentary
שם המחבר בלועזית:
Mordechai Cogan
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תש"ף / ינואר 2020
Am Oved - KINGS / Mordechai Cogan
Am Oved - KINGS / Mordechai Cogan
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